Why Pay Per Call Is the Smart and Proven Way to Boost Your Business


67% of the buyer’s journey is now digital. For many advertisers, pay per click is their go-to form of digital advertising. But consider this: mobile search is driving 65 billion calls to businesses. Pay per call can complement your pay per click efforts.

For consumers, pay per call is the quickest way to get a response.

When a customer has a time-sensitive need (e.g. plumbing issue), they can’t waste precious minutes searching for a phone number. With pay per call, customers can search for plumbing, click a mobile call button, and be connected to a plumber in as easy as 1-2-3. 


Source: Memegenerator.net

Pay per call’s ability to provide immediate gratification is one of the reasons why it’s so great at closing and converting leads. Here are a few more.

Consumers Still Need to Talk to a Live Person

Digital use knows no age limitations. From Baby Boomers to pre-teens to Millennials, pretty much every generation nowadays is using mobile devices to shop, watch movies, and socialize.

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Oftentimes people use mobile devices to research products and services, then complete their purchase with a phone call. Even though they’re using mobile search, sometimes they still have questions that only a live person can answer.

How many times have you filled out an insurance lead form for car insurance, and completed the entire process without talking to a rep? Probably never, or at least, rarely.

When people use a mobile device to shop; they are ready to fulfill a need. These are the consumers you don’t want to miss. They want that product or service ASAP, and gravitate toward click to call buttons.

They don’t have time to go to the store and browse the shelves. They go with the easiest path laid out for them: a phone call.

It Offers Multiple Ways to Target Consumers

Pay per call works so well because it’s targeting those at the bottom of the funnel, who are more ready to purchase. And there are many ways to target consumers including:

  • TV Commercials. Industries like insurance, legal, and auto capture customers’ attention with compelling commercials. While they’re more expensive, you know you’re getting qualified calls coming in.
  • Warm Transfers. Instead of waiting days for a response, a customer who fills out a form online gets a callback within minutes and is connected to a live person.
  • Abandoned Phone Calls. Take advantage of companies who go out of business by making your company’s number an automatic option. Let’s say a customer calls a pizza place, and gets a “no longer in service.’ Instead of hanging up, they stay on the line and get transferred to your pizza shop instead.

It’s Financially Smart

Most marketers view pay per call as expensive. And in comparison to pay per click, they aren’t wrong. But when optimized correctly, pay per call is the more cost effective solution in the long run.

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For example, a rehab facility pays $100 per call. But it may take 10 calls before they land a client that’ll net them $15,000 in revenue. Here’s the breakdown: 


Clearly, you’d be foolish not to use pay per call. It’s guaranteed.

Call Recordings Can Help You Improve

If you’re curious why some ads trigger calls and others don’t, with pay per call you can use call tracking to identify what’s driving your calls. Not only can you trace calls back to the ads that triggered them, you can also record calls


Source: WordStream

Pulling up a call and listening to the transaction can reveal many things:

  • Is your call duration too long or too short?
  • Are your customer service reps knowledgeable?
  • Are calls being filtered properly?

By listening to call recordings, you’ll uncover why some leads convert better than others, and you can adjust accordingly.

Don’t Get Left on the Side of the Road

Years ago, I was speeding down a highway when I failed to see a pothole. My tire made contact and blew out. Suddenly, the sound of music was interrupted by a loud, slow, thumping noise as my rim rode to a halt with my busted tire flapping around it.

I wasn’t in my neighborhood, where I knew the local mechanic who had serviced my vehicle before. I was miles away from home without full coverage auto insurance.

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That meant no roadside assistance.

Here, I needed a tow truck right away. I called the first pay per call option Google gave me. That business was the one that got my $75. They knew enough to have pay per call as an option.

And now, so do you.

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