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Why Pay Per Call Is the Smart and Proven Way to Boost Your Business

67% of the buyer’s journey is now digital. For many advertisers,

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4 Ways to Get More Insurance Leads With Pay per Call

It’s anticipated mobile search will drive 65 billion calls to businesses

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7 Things Pokémon GO Has Taught Us About Designing Mobile-Friendly Landing Pages

Like Pokémon GO, mass culture and media often provide great examples of best practices for consumer engagement.

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Sparkroom July Newsletter: Social Advertising Best Practices, Benchmarking Survey, Evolution of IG

Your social advertising campaigns need to be efficient, targeted and engaging. The new Sparkroom Social Advertising Best Practices can help you be smart as you build and optimize your campaigns.

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Social Advertising Best Practices

Social advertising budgets are rising, which is a clear indicator of future competition. The new Sparkroom Social Advertising Best Practices will help you ensure your campaigns are efficient, targeted and engaging.

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Digital Media Solutions (DMS) Acquires Best Rate Referrals

DMS is in a period of expansion and has been actively growing its portfolio of brands over the past few years.

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Social Advertising: 6 Best Practices for Campaign Strategy & Optimization

Your social advertising campaigns need to be smart, efficient, targeted and engaging. We’ve highlighted six best practices

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Bing Performance Is Lagging Behind Google

Because it is a challenge to effectively scale Bing, Google has

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In Paid Search, Never Say “Good Enough”

When the cost per acquisition (CPA) of a paid search campaign

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Case Study: Maximizing Third-Party Vendor Campaigns to Push Performance

Taking a Strategic Approach to Campaign Optimization & Diversification A group of

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