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Technology is Making an Impact on Channel Mix & Performance

The Sparkroom Q1 2016 Higher Education Inquiry Generation Review was published this week and clearly depicts how much of an impact technology is having on channel mix and campaign performance. Social media is a prime example.

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15 Red Flags that Show Your Paid Search Campaign Has Room for Improvement (Live Webinar on 6/28)

Is your paid search campaign structured to achieve optimal performance? Sparkroom

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Pushing Paid Search to Its Limits (Case Study)

The Sparkroom team had been managing the paid search campaign for

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15 Red Flags that Show Your Paid Search Campaign Has Room for Improvement

Paid search campaign management is no joke. It’s not a “set

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Implementation of Secondary Radius Geotargeting Strategy Proven to Help Balance Inquiry Flow

The Sparkroom team recently proved that an advanced geotargeting strategy is

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Think Positive for the Win

“Goofy thoughts” will keep you from achieving your full potential. That

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Conference Swag: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Well, it’s June again. The birds are singing, the bees are

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Google Announces More Mobile-Focused Enhancements

GPS 2016, the annual Google Performance Summit focused on AdWords and

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Two Months Later Part 2: SEO Didn’t Get Hit as Hard as Anticipated due to Google Removing Right Rail Ads

Just slightly more than two months ago, Google removed the right

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Real-Time Lead Scoring Proven to Decrease Scrub Rates and Boost Transfer Rates

The Sparkroom team recently proved that real-time lead scoring can immediately

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